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Business Concept

Invested Management, Inc., established in 2005, is a full-spectrum corporate and professional business development company. The management team of Invested Management has over 15 years of experience in planning, organizing and managing the ideas, projects, and personnel of organizations and individuals.


Our mission is twofold:
1. To guide our clients through a process which advances their core business; and
2. To assist with or serve as an outsource for spin-off ventures and special projects.

As we work closely with our clients, our aim is to offer them a team that genuinely cares about their unique and individual needs, as well as one committed to helping them achieve their greatest potential growth, meet their marketing targets, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Invested Management’s continued success is the result of its loyal and dedicated personnel, highly experienced managers and affiliates, and specialized services tailored to our clients needs. Our goal is to be recognized as a company that insures the success of its clients by providing superior services and exceptional value to the business development industry.